Zero Click

Zero Click

If you've been reading Zero Click for any significant amount of time, you may have noticed I moved from to Ghost, and now I have moved back to

The initial move was an experiment in growing the blog audience, but after a while, I've really missed the simplicity of I even considered moving over to something like Hugo, but' all-in-one blogging solution really makes things so easy. And when you want to focus on your writing, ease is premium.

With that being said, now that we are back on, I'm going to take some time away from Zero Click to focus on a few other things, namely my own professional development and my more personal blog.

That doesn't mean I am retiring Zero Click, just that I am taking an indefinite break from the project. Maybe one day I will pick it back up, but until then, if you enjoy my writing and/or the topics covered on Zero Click, you can follow me over on my personal blog:

There, I will post topics similar to what I've covered on Zero Click, as well as various pentesting write-ups like CTFs, and maybe I will even post some personal content as well.

Thanks for reading my work if you have, and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store.