What is Zero Click?

And what does the name "Zero Click" have to do with it? Read to find out.

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Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky defines zero-click exploits as “attacks [that] require no action from the victim – meaning that even the most advanced users can fall prey to serious cyber hacks and spyware tools.”

They go on to say “Zero-click attacks are typically highly targeted and use sophisticated tactics. They can have devastating consequences without the victim even knowing that something is wrong in the background.”

In short, a zero-click attack or exploit is just a piece of malicious software that requires no interaction from the victim to initiate its protocol. So, what does this definition of a zero-click attack have to do with this blog: Zero Click? The answer is simple. Almost nothing at all. But we will come back to that later.

About Me

Apart from my nigh obsession with exploring new ways to protect and advocate for my personal privacy and security, I also care deeply about free software and how many digital tools strip us of our basic rights. And though these ideas don't immediately sound connected, they are often deeply intertwined.

With that being said, I am not a software developer, nor am I a privacy or security professional. Instead, I have come to look at these concepts in a more fun light over the years. As prolific privacy and intelligence expert Michael Bazzell has said on many an occasion, exploring and pursuing extreme privacy—and in my case digital freedom as a whole—is a sport.

On top of my, at times, self-crazed privacy and FOSS antics, there is also another thing about me that is relevant to this blog: I am a freakin' nerd. I'm a geek; a dork. Whatever you want to call it. I spend an absurd amount of time playing video games, watching movies, and fiddling with technology.

Whether it's building another custom keyboard, restoring an old Game Boy, tinkering with a random piece of software, or playing 1999's Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast, I am typically elbows deep in another random, geeky project or hobby. But being involved in so many things often means they start replacing important aspects of my life instead of enhancing them. And that is antithetical to my personal values and aspirations.

A Digital Lifestyle Blog

That's where this website fits in. Zero Click is what I like to call a digital lifestyle blog. It will typically cover digital privacy and security tactics, but it will also dabble in other nerdy, geeky things I like.

I will publish more serious tips and tricks, my experiences down the privacy rabbit hole, and my opinions on what software you should use to maintain your digital freedom. But, occasionally, I will also publish more light-hearted content, like what my favorite emulation gaming handheld is or maybe even my thoughts on the latest film I watched.

Overall, expect to read a lot about how to live a meaningful digital life, and how it should give you more freedom in the tangible world. And though many of these topics may be far-reaching, that doesn't mean we can't also have fun along the way.

So, what does the name Zero Click have to do with all of that? Well, honestly, I just liked the way it sounded.