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(TLDR: Just follow Zero Click on Mastodon.)

As you have likely noticed, Zero Click is a very new blog. And even though it's just a wee baby, it looks as if Twitter already has beef with it. After only one text-only tweet and another sharing my first blog post — How to install ANY extension in Firefox Mobile — it appears as if Twitter has already labeled Zero Click's account as spam.


Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky defines zero-click exploits as “attacks [that] require no action from the victim – meaning that even the most advanced users can fall prey to serious cyber hacks and spyware tools.”

They go on to say “Zero-click attacks are typically highly targeted and use sophisticated tactics. They can have devastating consequences without the victim even knowing that something is wrong in the background.”

In short, a zero-click attack or exploit is just a piece of malicious software that requires no interaction from the victim to initiate its protocol. So, what does this definition of a zero-click attack have to do with this blog: Zero Click? The answer is simple. Almost nothing at all. But we will come back to that later.