How To Support Zero Click

If you enjoy Zero Click, and you want to support its future, there are a few ways you can donate below.

Supporter Tier Membership

Becoming a member and opting to provide a recurring donation is likely the easiest way to support the website. All payments are handled by Stripe, and with the proper precautions in place, it can even be a pseudonymous way to support the site.


Perhaps the second-easiest way to support Zero Click is through one of our affiliate or referral programs. Whether it's physical goods or digital services, we offer several options for products any privacy and security minded individual would be interested in. Just use one of our affiliate links or enter one of our referral codes at checkout, and Zero Click will get a small kickback at no extra cost to you.


Monero is easily the most private way to donate, but it is also the most difficult. If you have some Monero or you are willing to purchase some, this is my preferred donation method.

XMR Wallet:

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Bitcoin falls somewhere in the middle between the other options. With the right steps in place, Bitcoin can be a fairly private alternative to fiat currencies, or it can be relatively easy to use thanks to its adoption by services like Cash App and PayPal.

BTC Wallet:

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