Signal wins 2023 EFF Award for Communications Privacy

The EFF lauded over the service for its open development, encryption protocol, and nonprofit business model.

Signal wins 2023 EFF Award for Communications Privacy
Image credit: EFF

Coming as a surprise to no one, the encrypted messenger Signal won this year's Electronic Frontier Foundation Award for Communications Privacy. According to the EFF, "Signal provides real communications privacy, offering easy-to-use technology that refuses the surveillance business model on which the tech industry is built."

The EFF continues to laud over the service for openly publishing the code and documentation and for licensing the product in a way that allows others to benefit from Signal's state-of-the-art encryption protocol.

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"Signal is also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, ensuring that investors and market pressure never provides an incentive to weaken privacy in the name of money and growth," continues the EFF. "This allows Signal to stand firm against growing international legislative pressure to weaken online privacy, making it clear that end-to-end encryption either works for everyone or is broken for everyone—there is no half measure."

Signal has been around since 2013, so the app's merits are well known by now. Even so, it's good to see a company like the EFF recognize Signal for all they've achieved and continue to offer the public.

Signal is easily one of my favorite applications, and I use it to communicate with my friends and family every day. There are few services I would trust with my most sensitive data like that, and it brings me joy to see Signal receive recognition for it.

If you don't have and use Signal already, you can snag it from their website in the link below.