Proton release new beta Mail, Calendar desktop app

It's currently only available on Windows and macOS, leaving Linux users out in the cold again.

Proton release new beta Mail, Calendar desktop app

The Switzerland-based company Proton just released a new beta desktop client for its mail and calendar services. It's currently only available to Windows and macOS Visionary plan members, but Proton says it will open the beta to all Proton users in early 2024.

If you've been using Proton for some time, you might know the only way until now to use Mail outside the web browser is via the company's Mail Bridge application. This solution has worked fine for many users, but it's not a very seamless experience and has left a lot of us wanting.

Proton Mail Bridge has never supported any of Proton's other services, so a new desktop app also touting Calendar support is a great step in the right direction. This new app is a little barebones right now, but at least it supports Proton's end-to-end encrypted emails, as you'd hope.

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In the future, users can expect an offline mode, account switching, notification badges, Mailto link support, ICS file support, and Proton's account migration functionality. Though Proton has yet to implement these features, it's nice to know they are in the works, and it gives me hope for the future of the application.

On the other hand, this new desktop app isn't available for Linux yet, and unfortunately neither is their recently released Proton Drive desktop app. Proton claim a Linux version of the desktop Mail and Calendar app will be coming in early 2024, but I've heard no official word about a Linux compatible Proton Drive application.

Proton has always had an issue with cross-platform feature parity, in my opinion, so this is no surprise. Let's hope they keep Linux users at the forefront of their plans moving forward.