Zero Click Privacy Policy

Privacy is in Zero Click's DNA. As a digital lifestyle blog focusing on privacy, security, and other related topics, we hope to respect your privacy from the moment you land on our website until long after you've left.

Ghost Analytics

With that being said, we do collect minimal amounts of analytics data on our user base. Since Zero Click is built on the writing platform Ghost, we use their integrated email subscription solution, analytics tools, and even commenting system.

Ghost only tracks basic usage statistics such as newsletter tracking and membership referrers, but we disable outbound link tagging. Any identifying information such as names or email addresses we collect about members is limited to what they submit themselves. Membership payments are handled and managed via Stripe, so we don't personally see any of your financial information.

You can also cancel your free or paid memberships at anytime, or you can simply unsubscribe from our emails. This means you'll still be able to participate in the community via Ghost's commenting system without receiving any of our content in your inbox.

Plausible Analytics

We also use the privacy-friendly analytics tool Plausible to count website visits, page views, and other simple metrics. Plausible doesn't use any cookies, and it doesn't store any personally identifying information, not even IP addresses or browser user agent strings.

We trust the majority of privacy conscious individuals will be comfortable with these solutions. The invasiveness of these analytics tools is quite limited, and we DO NOT and WILL NEVER sell any personal information we collect to third parties. Period.

To get more information about Ghost and their privacy practices, you can head over to their policy page. For Plausible's privacy practices, head to their designated policy page.